Homeopathy in Buckinghamshire

The basic principles and remedies of Homeopathy have been used and tested for over 200 years throughout the world.

Homeopaths take as the basis for their practice the following guiding principles:

Homeopaths regard all the symptoms of a patient's condition - mental, emotional and physical - as evidence
of a unified effort to resolve an inner disturbance and return to a state of balance. Homeopaths select and
prescribe remedies, which on evidence from a variety of sources, including previous testing on healthy people
and clinical experience, are known to produce similar symptom pictures to those of the patient. The prescribed
similar remedies then stimulate and assist the patient's own natural healing efforts.

Direction of cure
Homeopaths recognise that during the healing process symptoms move from the more serious to the less
serious - usually from within outwards. This process enables homeopath and patient to ascertain during
treatment whether changes in symptoms indicate deterioration or improvement in a patient's fundamental
health levels.

A gentle approach
Homeopaths believe that health is maintained through balance within a person's whole dynamic system.
Symptoms of ill health are produced when the whole is out of balance as the system strives to restore health.
Homeopaths use gentle and subtle means to bring about the best health possible in each person. This can be
stimulated with the minimum amount of medicine and the minimum of intervention. Remedies are specially
prepared from substances from the animal, vegetable and mineral kingdoms in a variety of potencies.
Homeopaths will use skill and experience to select the most appropriate dose and potency to create the
necessary healing stimulus.
In the homeopathic approach to health and disease, each case is seen as unique and every prescription is
individualised. The choice of prescribing method is always determined by the needs of the individual
patient, as enshrined in the UK-agreed National Occupational Standards 2000.

Homeopaths practicing at Orchard Clinic;

Jackie Finegan

New patient: 
£75 90 minutes (remedies may be extra)
£55 60 minutes
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