Barbara Dancer

Barbara Dancer
BWYdip, aYs Practitioner, CNHC member

Yoga therapy
is a holistic therapy that aims to promote good health for the person as a whole - the emphasis of this work may be towards the body, mind, emotions or a combination of these.
For instance, back pain may be due to poor posture or a combination of factors affected by lifestyle, physical health, repeated patterns of movement or emotions.
Yoga can bring awareness of the body and mind; more understanding of movement, emotions or thought patterns to help or heal the body and a practical approach to developing a positive state of health. Using Yoga, can support our life, body and health in many ways.

What is involved?

There is a demonstration of the Yoga that you may use in the website link below.

Yoga therapy uses yoga postures, yoga breathing and may include supporting techniques such as meditation, relaxation and visualisation. Yoga postures, incorporating movement and breathing, releases muscle tension but can also strengthen while reducing stiffness.

Yoga helps the body’s natural postural alignment, which is important in removing or reducing structural pain. Breath work is used to help spinal movement and maintain focus on the body. Yoga breathing also connects us with the mind which always tends to a state of activity. However, too much activity can lead to feelings of being overwhelmed or trapped by our thoughts. Working with Yoga breathing calms the mind, reduces anxiety and provides practical steps to feel clearer and calmer.

Yoga therapy is a therapeutic approach that involves you. In the session, you practice a series of yoga postures based on your needs. You can take home an individually designed practice sheet specifically for your needs. To gain maximum benefit, you are advised and encouraged to use the Yoga practice at home on a regular basis. 3 or 4 times a week is usually suitable.

Home Yoga practice is short, manageable and is determined by your current state of health. Most people find it enjoyable, easing tension and helping you to feel more relaxed.

How quickly does it work?

Yoga therapy will work over a number of weeks of using the home Yoga practice and can be effective in improving the situation or removing pain, even in chronic conditions.
Two or three appointments will allow you to see progress in your condition and will allow an estimate of the rate of change in the condition. Progress may be affected by a condition being a long term chronic condition and your overall state of health.

After the initial appointment, further sessions and feedback help to develop the effectiveness of the practice.


Barbara Dancer BWYdip, aYs Practitioner, CNHC Registered Yoga Therapist

Barbara Dancer has been teaching Yoga for 14 years and a Yoga therapist for 5 years.
After practising and attending Yoga classes for about 10 years, Barbara undertook the British Wheel of Yoga diploma to teach Yoga and then further training with Paul Harvey at The Centre for Yoga Studies in Bristol. The Centre for Yoga Studies approach is called viniyoga – where there is appropriate adaptation of Yoga for the individual and an emphasis on incorporating breath into posture work. This training works with the use of Yoga therapeutically as a means of improving specific health conditions

Barbara is a member of the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council - the UK regulator for Complementary Healthcare Practitioners. It requires members to have successfully completed approved Yoga therapy training and to work within its code of conduct.
She is also on the committee of the British Council for Yoga Therapy
She has also completed additional training in
• Yoga for Pregnancy,
• Ayurveda and Philosophy

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