Alexander Technique

Alexander Technique in Buckinghamshire

Firstly I would like to say Alexander Technique is not a therapy but most people would say they find lessons very relaxing. Alexander work is re-education in the way we move our own bodies. You can apply the Principles to anything you do in life. Lessons take the form of gentle guidance from the teacher’s hands & verbal instructions, you will be taught to notice your patterns and establish release of unnecessary effort and tension before allowing movement to happen. The object of Alexander lessons being to encourage a more co-ordinated use of the mind and body throughout all activities.

There will be no exercises to be performed at specific times – rather a set of mental instructions to be applied to all activity: head balanced freely on top of the spine and the torso lengthened and widened to give optimum capacity to all muscles.

We may not be able to change the world we live in but we can do something about our reaction to it. Improvement in the way we use our bodies through the application of the Alexander Technique will gradually make itself felt throughout all actions, and will often lead to an overall improvement in general health and wellbeing. This will leave the body moving with less effort and therefore less susceptible to injury, and the mind more tranquil, a healthy mind and body work well together.

Alexander lessons last approximately an hour. I suggest you initially come along for an introductory lesson. You can then choose to follow up with a course of 5 sessions as close together as possible, so applying the same principles as for learning any news skill, you also need to practice in between lessons.

Alexander Technique Teachers practicing at Orchard Clinic;

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